Autocratic governments will control the world order in the near future
Yo, March 20, 2022, 324 views, 0
There is a growing trend world-wide for autocratic governments: China, India, Russia, many countries in Africa, so by population autocratic governments are already in the majority
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Not in the near future, but the US is in decline and the new rising power is China. Every dominating country has a good run of 100-150 years and then typically hands over to the next, for example from Spain / Dutch to UK, then UK to US, going forward, US to China. This might take another 20-50 years though...
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Democracy and freedom have always won out in the past. The US has always led the world, and I don't see how it is going to be any different in this generation. Compared to opposition like Nazi Germany and Japan, Russia and China are nothing.
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