Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eventually beat Human Intelligence (HI)
NYCdebater, December 6, 2022, 202 views, 0
It is evolution: first it was Pong, then Chess, then Go, now it is the strategic game Democracy, AI will get smarter and smarter to mimic and surpass human intelligence
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ChatGPT just came out and it is amazing, both students and teachers plan to use it to write / grade papers! It will be AI vs AI then, no more human in the mix
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It is hard to measure what "beat" means, but if you go with the Turing Test, i.e., a human could not distinguish whether the answer to any type of question is done by a machine or a human, then I think we will be there soon with the advancement of language models such as GPT
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ChatGPT comes closer to Human Intelligence, but it still makes simple logic mistakes and also can't reason well yet. There is still something in the human intelligence that is hard to codify, so it might never be achieved
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AI is very good a tasks that can be learned from analyzing patterns in huge amounts of data, such as picture detection or language translation. But human's emotions, humor, and empathy will be still be a long way off for AI to master, if ever
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