Are war crimes warranted in some situations
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As a war criminal myself I can say with full confidence, War crimes can be warranted in some situations but there is no way to tell in the moment whether or not they are. Dropping the bomb was warranted, but at the time there was no way to tell if it would be warranted. A good example of a unwarranted war crime is the Rape Of Nanking, which was so bad that a Nazi had to step in and tell them to stop (the good man of Nanking).
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True, but then how would you define a "warranted time"? Different countries and people have different definitions of that phrase, so that basically makes it really easy to use "oh our bad we thought that this was a warranted time to commit highly illegal war crimes" as a get out of jail free card for anyone who commits war crimes.
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A warranted war crime is one that most likely will save more lives than it ends. For example, dropping the bombs on japan most likely saved more lives than it ended.
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wait what you're a war criminal
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The bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki probably saved millions of individual lives and billions of life years. I agree because the topic is that war crimes are warranted in "some" situations. I think that they are warranted in some very select situations where the benefit is evident.
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Once one country crosses the threshold of committing one war crime in a "justifiable" scenario, then you can never morally tell another country to not commit a war crime even if there is some reasonable doubt that the harms outweighs the benefits.
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