Are the new abortion laws in Texas justified?
Hi, September 3, 2021, 577 views, 3
Abortion is morally reprehensible and not a right at all, as the actions of the parents led to the creation of the fetus, so they do not have the right to kill a unique life with its own genetic code.
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They are justified because abortion is murder, plain and simple. At the moment of conception, a new organism has formed from the diploid sperm and egg gametes of the parents. Since this new organism possesses unique, complete DNA that is different to the mother's, it cannot be said to be a part of the mother's body and exists as a separate entity, which is human and biologically no different from anyone else. Since killing innocent human beings is always wrong, and an embryo/fetus is an innocent human being, abortion is always wrong, and therefore cannot be a fundamental human right.
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The worst part is that it encourages people to sue whoever helps women get abortions. Turning everyday people against each other sounds like what Mao did during the Culture Revolution.
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I saw a study that said illegal abortions will increase 20 fold due to the new laws. Pro-lifers are not pro-life, they are pro-birth, as the lives of thousands of women will now be put in danger due to unsafe abortion.
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