Are some religions better than others?
LilNasX, July 18, 2021, 523 views, 0
Yes, because some religions are more peacefull
Guest User 647, 31 views, 1 rebuttals, 0
All religions were / are violent. Forgot the Crusades? There are even violent Buddhist monks in Myanmar
NYCdebater, 0 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
That's not true all religions are aggressive.
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Better as an batter based on a objective measurements and here you are assuming that the question has a normative meaning which it does not, it is asking for a objective answer based on scientific disprovable evidence and not just a bunch of normative statements which are based on axioms which are by definition just statements which are assumed to be true and are just self evident, the problem with that if anything can be A then everything is A and there is no point of logic because saying that murder is good is just as valuable and true as murder is not good since they are based on nothing but values which based upon nothing but themselves, so you logically just not correct get fucked libtard.
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Currently, the muslim world discriminates against women and treats homosexuals as subhuman. A sample size of 1.6 billion with the only common denominator being religion shows that islam is the reason why.
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They are all equally bad since you must belief in some divine creature that imposes some rules for the 'after-life' and these rules - while different - are all made up by humans and handed down for generations
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At a higher level, they are all similar since you need to believe in an idea that is not backed by any facts or science and cannot be proven.
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