Are Internet Political Pundits good for our national discourse?
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Absolutely. Media companies all have the profit motive which inevitably interferes with their adherence to pursuing the truth. Therefore, having an assortment of creators from all different backgrounds and positions on the political spectrum is extremely beneficial to public discourse, as it allows people to easily fact check and not exclusively rely on big media. Of course, newspapers and Sunday morning shows have always existed, but Internet political pundits take it to the next level by 1) as previously stated, the pure number and 2) how they actively foster discourse by interacting with each other and building communities.
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Nobody uses internet political pundits to fact check. The extent that alternative media gets used is for people to find new points of view. Literally every creator has a profit motive— internet political pundits are no exception.
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I don't think that they're saying that people look to individual content creators / political pundits as a way to fact check. All he's saying is that having an array of creators in alternative media results in big media companies being held more accountable, as they are no longer the only arbiters of the "truth."
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Yes, the more voices there are in our open society the better. Media companies should not have a monopoly on public opinion.
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The rise of internet political pundits has resulted in a skyrocketing of young people who fall down the radicalization pipeline. Because of the "wild west" nature of the internet, any person with backwards views can gain an official platform, proliferate their views, simultaneously legitimize the views they have through their following and community, and worst of all make money through it.
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